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    26 January 2019

    FSVintageAIR's Fleet Tracker For Douglas DC-4 Skymaster Clipper Endeavour (NC88899) Aircraft General Info Aircraft Image:

      ICAO: Name: Fullname: Registration: Range: Weight: Cruise: Passengers: Cargo: DC4P DC-4P Douglas DC-4 Skymaster Clipper Endeavour NC88899 4250 63500 197 80 10000 Good Day All!
    Join in January Saturday 26,2018 for Leg 7 for FSV'S Around The World Flight. 
    On this flight we will be departing Gatwick (EGKK) London at  09:00 AM PST/1700 GMT  and flying to Orly (LFPO) Paris. Airspeed around 200 KT, at Fl.090.
    ACARS Schedule for this flight:
     FSV-E07  (EGKK - LFPO)
    Departure:09:00 AM         Arrival: 10:15 AM
    Equipment: DC-4P (NC88899) Distance: 176.533nm
    Days Flown: Su M T W Th F S 
    Route: ABB BSN CLM OL
    Click PLN Flight Plan button to download the flight plan, 

    Server Info: Departure Time 09:00 AM PST/1700GMTT Flight Server FSV'S JoinFS: http://pmem.uk/joinfs/install.html Flight Date Saturday January 26,2019 FSV'S Flight Deck Discord: https://discord.gg/2auQ7nP  

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