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    18 January 2020 05:00 PM      07:00 PM

    FSV Around the World flight ~ Leg 28       Flight Plan: Departure: WAY POINTS: Arrival: Altitude: Airspeed: Discord: Flight Server: Flight Time: Acars Flight Num: PACD DLG ENA PANC Fl.190 250kn 122.800 ~ Unicom JoinFS 3.0 hr FSV-E28  
    Join us for Leg 28 of our Around the World adventure. We will depart from Cold Bay Alaska on January 18th at  1600 GMT/1200 EST/ 0900 PST.
    Leg 28 of this flight will put us in Anchorage Intl. As always fly the aircraft of your choosing. Target ground speed 250 knots minimum.
    For those that want to use  kACARS 
    Flight Number Route Aircraft Departure Time Arrival Time Distance   FSV-E28 PACD to PANC B-377-P (N946) 09:00 Am 11:00 AM 538.103 Thank you all for joining FSV'S Around the World Adventue!!!
    FSV1142 Kenny

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