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FSV'S Around The World Tour LEG 9

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FSVintageAIR's Fleet Tracker For Lockheed L-049 Constellation (N88831)
Aircraft General Info
Aircraft Image:

ICAO: Name: Fullname: Registration: Range: Weight: Cruise: Passengers: Cargo:
CONI L-049 Lockheed L-049 Constellation N88831 3685 137500 272 81 10000

Switching back to the 049 Constellation, we will depart from Marseille/Provence (LFML) at 09:00 AM and arrive at Munich (EDDM)by 11:30 AM.

Flight Time:            2.6 Hours  

Cruising altitude:     Fl.180  

FSV-E09         (LFML - EDDM)
Departure:      09:00 AM   Arrival: 11:30 AM
Equipment:     L-049 (N88831) Distance: 403.337nm 
Route:             TOP KPT MUN
Notes:            Fuel Used: 5620lbs

Click PLN Flight Plan button to download the flight plan, 


Server Info:
Departure Time 09:00 AM PST/1700GMTT
Flight Date February Saturday 16,2018
TeamSpeak Download https://teamspeak.com/en/downloads/#tab_server
  TeamSpeak: Channel       120.75  

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