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    FSV'S Around The World Tour LEG 30

    FSV'S Around The Would Leg 30 Join us on February 15th for Leg 30 of FSV'S Around the World Flight! OK, so I've gave this one some thought. A Conni, a DC-4 or the C-46 to Vancouver and then it came to me the B-314, not flying as far as Vancouver, keeping the flights no longer than an hour and a half to 3 hours at the most. So let's take-off from Juneau's Harbour and fly south about 350 miles landing at Sandspit in British Columbia. Flight Plan: Depart Airport....................................Juneau Harbor 5Z1 at 1600 GMT/1200 EST/ 0900 PST Nav aids..............................................SSR LVD YZP Arrival Airport..................................Sandspit CYZP Altitude................................................7000 Ft Airspeed..............................................140 knot Flight Time.........................................2.5 to 3.0 Hours kACARS Flight Number..................FSV-E30 Server Info: Flight Server.....................................JoinFS Discord Channel................................Group Flight Weather Info: Please set your weather clients to get weather from Vatsim.
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    1 download

    Hello Pilots. With today's internet protocols and windows securities an old program like FSHost has become next to impossible to have any usefulness and those of us with a renewed interest in Flight Simulator 2004, want to be able to fly in FSV'S multiplayer group flights. We want to be inclusive, encouraging all flight simmers whether a person wants to fly FS9, FSX, P3D or X-Plane. We are not going to stop using JonFS, but I would like to encourage our members to download and install DafWings. Login info: Login ID: is the clsign you use to login to FSVintageAIR.com's website There's a little more to installing DafWings than JoinFS, but the benefits are worth it. What is it? DafWings is a software that allows pilots to connect their Flight Simulator to the DAFSIM network. It is called a “pilot client” because it connects to a “server” in a “Client / Server” mode. The Flight Simulators that are currently managed by DW are: FS2002 (FS8), FS2004 (FS9), FSX, FSX Steam Edition, P3Dv2, P3Dv3, P3Dv4, XPlane 9, XPlane 10 and XPlane 11. DW can cross-connect all of these different simulators allowing them to see each other. For example, pilots using FSX can see FS2004, FSX, P3D and XPlane users and reciprocally. On top of that, an open SDK, called DafSync allows easy creation of plugins for DW. Any plugin or application developed for DW will work on all the managed Flight Simulators. What are the main features it offers? Unmatched smoothness: Very fluid and realistic rendering of the traffic around, extraordinary rendering for aerobatics, fast barrels, flight formation, air-to-air refueling… Integrated Realistic Voice System: No need TeamSpeak or Mumble. Optimized CPU / Memory load:, No display frame-rate drop. Maintaining visual/contact on the other pilots/ATC’s even in case of server failure Open SDK: DafSync to develop your own plugins (TCAS, Radars, Hardware interface…) Thank you for your cooperation, FSV1142 Kenny DafWings User Manual 1.6.pdf DafWings Win8 Win10.pdf
  4. FSVKenny

    FSV'S Around The World Tour LEG 29

    FSV Around the World flight ~ Leg 29 Flight Plan: Departure: WAY POINTS: Arrival: Altitude: Airspeed: Discord: Flight Server: Flight Time: Acars Flight Num: PANC PAWD PACV As needed 150kn 122.800 ~ Unicom JoinFS 2.5 hr FSV-E29 Join us on February 1, 2020 at 1600 GMT/1200 EST/ 0900 PST for leg 29 of the FSV Around the World flight. Flight Flap Download ==> LEG29.zip
  5. FSVKenny

    1929 U.S. Airmail paint

    Version 1.0.0


    1929 U.S. Airmail paint Here's a classic U.S. Airmail pant for David Eckert's FSX native Stearman. I have converted all of the texture sheets to DDS format and have added a custom wood VC panel. Install: unzip the "texture.airmail" zip file Copy the "texture.airmail" folder and paste it into "Stearman_FSX_Native" folder. Open the Stearman_FSX_Native CFG file with notepad. Copy the "[fltsim.X]" blow the doted line and paste in to the Stearman_FSX_Native CFG file blwo the last [fltsim.X] and change the [fltsim.X] to the next number in your line up. Click the save and that should about do it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [fltsim.X] title=U.S. Airmail Kaydet sim=PT-17 Stearman model= panel=wood sound= texture=airmail kb_checklists=Stearman_check kb_reference=Stearman_ref atc_heavy=0 atc_airline= "airmail" atc_flight_number= 238 atc_parking_types= atc_parking_codes= ui_manufacturer=Boeing ui_type= PT-17 Kaydet - Civilian ui_variation= Civilian U.S. Airmail Description=The Stearman Aircraft Company, started in 1927, was combined with Boeing in 1934. In the same year, the prototype Model 70 private-venture training biplane, designed by Harold Zipp and Jack Clark, was built. Some 61 were bought by the USN as Model 73s and the improved Model 75 appeared in 1936. In total, 8,428 Model 75s had been built by 1945 when production ended. Used by the USAAF and the USN, as well as by other countries, the Model 75 had a variety of military designations: USAAF PT-13, PT-17, PT-18 and USN N2S-1 to N2S-5. The PT-27 was an enclosed cockpit version used by Canada. All Kaydet versions were similar, differing mainly in the type of engine used.\nWhile most post-war surplus Stearmans ended up as crop dusters, many found new homes as airshow performers. This civilian model features comm. radios and GPS. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to Ed for updating David Eckert's Stearman to FSX native
  6. FSVKenny


    FSV Around the World flight ~ Leg 28 Flight Plan: Departure: WAY POINTS: Arrival: Altitude: Airspeed: Discord: Flight Server: Flight Time: Acars Flight Num: PACD DLG ENA PANC Fl.190 250kn 122.800 ~ Unicom JoinFS 3.0 hr FSV-E28 Join us for Leg 28 of our Around the World adventure. We will depart from Cold Bay Alaska on January 18th at 1600 GMT/1200 EST/ 0900 PST. Leg 28 of this flight will put us in Anchorage Intl. As always fly the aircraft of your choosing. Target ground speed 250 knots minimum. For those that want to use kACARS Flight Number Route Aircraft Departure Time Arrival Time Distance FSV-E28 PACD to PANC B-377-P (N946) 09:00 Am 11:00 AM 538.103 Thank you all for joining FSV'S Around the World Adventue!!! FSV1142 Kenny
  7. FSVKenny

    FSV'S Around The World Tour LEG 27

    FSV Around the World flight ~ Leg 27 Flight Plan: Departure: WAY POINTS: Arrival: Altitude: Airspeed: Discord: Flight Server: Flight Time: Acars Flight Num: PASY SYA NUD DUT CDB PACD Fl.190 250kn 122.800 ~ Unicom JoinFS 4.0 hr FSV-E27 Join us on January 4, 2020 at 1600 GMT/1200 EST/ 0900 PST for leg 27 of the FSV Around the World flight.
  8. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Here is a new Bleu Eagle livery for the Thomas Ruth FSX Native Boeing 727-200 Advanced. The Thomas Ruth FSX Native Boeing 727-200 Advanced can be downloaded from FlightSim.com Thomas Ruth FSX Native Boeing 727-200 Advanced. Install: 1. Copy the "texture.FSV" file and past into the Tom_B727-200 folder. 2. Open the Tom_B727-200 aircraft CFG file with notepad or notepad++. 3. Copy the [fltsim.0] and past into the Tom_B727-200 CFG File. Change the [fltsim.0 to the next number in your fltsim lineup. Click File ate the top of the CFG file and click the save. [fltsim.0] title=Boeing 727-200C Blue Eagle sim=tom727 model=200pax panel= sound= texture=Blue_Eagle kb_checklists= kb_reference= atc_id=N6808 atc_airline=Vintage Air atc_flight_number=1140 ui_manufacturer="Boeing" ui_type="727-200C" ui_variation="Blue Eagle" ui_typerole="Commercial Airliner" ui_createdby="Thomas Ruth" description="."
  9. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    For X-Plane 11's MD-82 Here's a paint with a tropical feel to it, lets use this one in the Caribbean and the Bahamas. Install: Copy the "FSVintageAIR" folder and past it into the McDonnell Douglas MD-80's liveries folder. Thank you, FSV1142 Kenny
  10. Version 1.0.0


    I’ve created this scenery for my enjoyment and thought it would be fun to share my work with others. In this scenery package, there are a few addons that I have included with Hamilton and Palmdale airfields. My scenery includes an AI package. The AI package includes a traffic folder, AI aircraft and an AI Sound folder for the AI aircraft. Palmdale Army Airfield may or may not be time period correct, but then this is all about having fun. Install: If you have a later version of Hamilton you will need to uninstall it. After unzipping the FSX-Hamilton-Army-Air-Field-1939 to a folder of your choosing, you will find four folders in the unzipped folder . These folder are • Addon Scenery • Effects • Images • SimObjects 1. Copy all four folders in the Addon Scenery folder and past them into your FSX Addon Scenery folder. 2. Copy the contents of the Effects folder and paste into your FSX Effects folder. 3. Open the SimObjects/Airplane folder. Inside you will see six folders, Copy all six of the folders and paste them into your FSX Airplanes folder. 4. Now start FSX. Click on the “Settings” link on the left. In the nex t window click on the “Scenery Library” tab. Nex t click on the “Add Area” tab and add these folders……. • AI Traffic • Hamilton Army Air Field • KF WWII Towers • X_Static Objects Library 5. After having added each of the scenery folder in the above list, you should restart your Flight Simulator. OK Thant should about do it, all that’s left to do is to check out the new scenery. Hamilton Army Air Field’s ICAO code is “HRS” and Palmdale Army Airfield’s is “KPMD” Thank you, FSV1142 Kenny
  11. FSVKenny

    December 7, 1941 Flight Reenactment

    The Pearl Harbor Attack In response to the growing crisis in the Pacific, in early December 1941 four Boeing B-17C Flying Fortresses and two new B-17Es of the 30th Bombardment Group were flying cross country from New Orleans, Louisiana stopped at Hamilton on their way to Hickam AAF in Hawaii then on to Clark AAF in the Philippines to reinforce the 19th Bombardment Group stationed there. After leaving Hamilton, and flying all through the night, the bombers arrived over Oahu on the morning of December 7, 1941, and faced an unusual welcome. The B-17s had arrived over Oahu during the Japanese air attack on Hawaii which triggered America's entry into World War II. The B-17C Flying Fortresses arrived at Pearl Harbor at the height of the attack (radar operators mistakenly thought that the Japanese attack force was this flight arriving from California). Some of the planes managed to land at a short fighter strip at Haleiwa, one set down on a golf course, and the remainder landed at Hickam under the strafing of Japanese planes. In addition, twelve B-17Ds of the 5th Bombardment Group were parked on the ground at Hickam AAF during the attack. Five of these B-17s were destroyed, and eight were damaged. The B-17Es of the 7th Bombardment Group were moved back to Hamilton from Utah for deployment to the Far East. Six of them arrived in Hawaii just after the Pearl Harbor attack, but the rest of them were ordered to remain in the United States to defend California and were sent south to Muroc AAF near Rosamond. Flight Reenactment I would like to invite you to our annual reenactment of the B17 flight from Hamilton AFB San Rafael California to Hickman Air Force Base Honolulu, on December 8, 2018. We will take off from Hamilton Army Air Field December 7, 2019 arriving at Honolulu on December 8, 2019 at 07:30:00 Honolulu Time, to coincide with the attack on Pearl Harbor December 7 1941 at 07:00:00 Honolulu time. This flight is not for the faint of heart. Those making this flight will be looking at 12 to 14 hours of flight time. Flight Plan Information Airspeed: 130 KAIS Flight Time: 19:00 PDST/22:00 PM EDST./0300GMT FSV'S Discord: Group Flight Channel Flight Plan Download: Hamilton Army Air Field to Honolulu Intl The B-17 Iron man flight will be hosted on FSV'S Join FS Sever. Please download this package created by Randy Cain Ironman Flight Bag Download Flight Number Route Aircraft Departure Time Arrival Time Distance Options FSVARMY191206 SRF to PHNL B-17C (40-2049) 19:00 7:00 2087.1 File PIREP Remove Bid * Hamilton Army Air Field scenery download for this flight FSX Hamilton Army Air Field P3Dv2 Hamilton Army Air Field Thanks to Randy Cain for all his work with this flight each year. FSV1142 Kenny
  12. FSVKenny

    kACARS v1.0.11

    Version 1.0.0


    We are using XAcars, but there's another client called kACARS, which I personally like. FSV's new home also supports kACARS v1.0.11 if anyone wants to give it a try. It's similar to XAcars, but sends more information to thewebsite. Here's the user settings for FSV'S Options -> Profile -> Base URL Pilot ID:......................................is your call sign Password:.................................is the password you use to login to the website. The base URL for FSV is......http://www.fsvintageair.com/FSV_phpvms/ kACARS, Pan Am Setup. Here's a quick how to, on setting up kACARS for Pan Am. Here's the user settings for Pan Am's Options -> Profile -> Base URL VA.......................Pan-AM Pilot ID:................is your call sign. ie..............PAA059 Password:..............is the password you use to login to the website. The base URL for PAA is:..... http://panamericanvirtual.com Click Options, then User Settings. We can us kACARS APP for FSV and PA Am. In the User Setting's drop down under VA Profile choose which airline you wish to track your flight hours for. Don't forget to click the save. Please let us know if you have any problems or questions, we can help you with.
  13. FSVKenny

    Thanks Giving Flight

    TED STEVENS ANCHORAGE INTL (PANC) to TOKYO INTL (RJTT) Join in for a flight from Anchorage to Tokyo. The flight will depart from Anchorage at 11:00 AM PST/ 2:00 PM/1900 GMT. Flight Level: 38000 Ft. Flight Time: 6.5 Hrs. Ground Speed: 450 Kts or best possible, winds permitting. Flight Plan: IFR-PANC_RJTT.pln Flight Plan PDF: PANC-RJTT.zip Flight Server: JoinFS Discord Channel: 122.800 ~ Unicom Thank you, FSV1142 Kenny
  14. FSVKenny