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Welcome to FSVintage Group

Take a moment to join us, we are waiting for you.


Basic Discord, JoinFS and smartCARS Guide

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Hello and welcome aboard. My Name is Kenny, the owner of FSVintageAIR. Although we specialize in the classic aircraft of the propliner era, FSV is a liberty server, meaning our pilots fly what they want and when they want. This welcome letter/PDF will help to guide you through setting up our voice communications program, multiplayer server and our flight tracking tools. This sounds like a lot, but there’s not as much as you might think to it, So let’s get started.

For our voice communications, we use Discord. Discord can be downloaded from here….. Be sure to download the app. You don’t want to use Discord in the browser.



After you have downloaded and installed the Discord App for windows, click the Discord Invite button…


Once you have clicked the invite on Discord you should end up here in the FBO


At the bottom left of Discord click on the gear icon. Then click on Voice & Video to set your voice setting We prefer Push to Talk.





For multiplayer FSVintageAIR is using JoinFS.

Download JoinFS Here

JoinFS is an advanced multiplayer client for flight simulators.

  • Cross-platform multiplayer across Prepar3D, X-Plane, FSX and FSX:Steam.

  • Decentralized hostless peer-to-peer network.

  • Smooth jitter-free live movement of aircraft.

  • Suitable for virtual pilot training and instruction.

  • Hub network allows anyone to launch and advertise a publicly listed session.

  • Communications system included.

  • Record and save multiple aircraft to a file and play back recordings live over the network.

  • Simple model matching allows you to substitute any aircraft model instantly while connected.

  • Bookmarks make it easy to save your regular connections.


Quick Start

  • Click 'Install' on the menu to the left of this page to save JoinFS to your computer.

  • Open the downloaded file and install JoinFS.

  • Launch your flight simulator.

  • Limit your frame rate in the Display settings to around 35 frames per second.

  • Choose your aircraft and flight details in Free Flight mode.

  • Launch JoinFS.

  • The first time you launch JoinFS you will be asked to scan your simulator folder for existing models.

  • You will also be asked to choose a default model for each type-role of aircraft.

  • Either create or join a session. Join by entering the address of another node, or from the menu, 'View|Hubs' shows a list of public servers to join.

  • From the menu, View|Aircraft shows a list of aircraft in the session. Use the Follow button to relocate near another aircraft.

  • If an aircraft shown is not the correct model, simply select the aircraft in the list and click Substitute to change it to a suitable model.

Indicator Buttons


  • Green indicates active.

  • Orange indicates inactive.

  • Red indicates disconnected.

  • Press the Simulator button to connect to, or disconnect from, the simulator.

  • Press the Network button to join the specified address or disconnect from the current session.

For more information about JouFS please check out JoinFS's website.

Flight Tracking Tools



smartCARS 2 User Manual


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