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Multiplayer Etiquette

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There has been a few issues concerning pilot behavior on FSV'S Servers, so here is a few things to remember when you are flying in a group.

  • 1. During take off, when everyone is lined up on the taxiway, wait your turn, don't crowd your way on to the runway. NOT COOL :thumbdown: 
  • 2. Do not join the server on an active runway. If there is no parking, move your self off of the runway before you join the server.
  • 3. Always call out your intentions, for takeoffs and approaches. DON'T CUT PEOPLE OFF ON THE APPROACH! You don't have to be the fist one on the ground. Keep a 5 mile separation from the other guy.
  • 4. Make sure you are in the proper traffic pattern. If an approach has been called IE... Left down wind, don't enter a right down wind. If traffic is on a left base, don't enter a right base. Here is an example "American 968 is on left down wind for runway 30". That is now the traffic pattern. Pay attention! Don't become a traffic conflicted trying to land at the opposite end of the runway. NOT COOL :thumbdown: Be advised, if you become a traffic conflicted to others in the group, you will be removed from the sever.
  • 5. Have your flight information before you join a ATC Session or a Group Tour. There is no reason for a person to join a ATC session or a Group Tour and ask what are we doing or where are we going. You will be sent to FSV'S Forum to obtain flight information. 
  • 6. Leave your politics at the gate! No one cares if you are Republican or Democrat. That's not what FSV is about. 
  • 7. Don't complain about the flight that have been planned. If you can do a better job of planning the ATC sessions or Tours, you are welcome to do so.

Frankly, it's quite embarrassing to have to put this up. Supposedly, we are all adults here, not a bunch of 10 year old's.  
The basic thing here is simple manners. The definition of manners, is doing unto other as you would have them do to you.

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